Blaze Blocker (Flame Tamer) for Gozney Roccbox
Blaze Blocker (Flame Tamer) for Gozney Roccbox
Blaze Blocker (Flame Tamer) for Gozney Roccbox

Blaze Blocker (Flame Tamer) for Gozney Roccbox

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Elevate your Gozney Roccbox pizza game with the Blaze Blocker – your shortcut to pizza perfection is just a click away!

    No More Burnt Crusts
    Say goodbye to burnt crusts! The Blaze Blocker acts as a shield, preventing the edges of your pizza from direct flame contact.

    Let the Flames Shine
    Not just a protector – the Blaze Blocker enhances flame radiance by absorbing heat, ensuring a controlled and efficient cooking process.

    Easy-Breezy Turning
    Fearlessly turn your pizza at your own pace. Thanks to the Blaze Blocker, you've got the flexibility for an evenly cooked pizza, minus the anxiety of accidental burns.


    • Made with 8mm mild steel for durability
    • Designed and manufactured in South Australia
    • Seasoning instructions provided

    Gozney Roccbox (pictured) is not included.

    Use & Care Instructions

    Before First Use
    Wash your Blaze Blocker with warm soapy water. This will remove any protective coatings or residues leftover from the manufacturing process. Using paper towel or a dish cloth, thoroughly dry your Blaze Blocker.

    To ensure the longevity and performance of your Blaze Blocker, we recommend seasoning it before the first use. Follow these steps:
    How To Season Mild Steel BBQ Accessories.pdf

    These guidelines are designed to ensure the safe and effective use of the Blaze Blocker accessory with your oven. Please follow these instructions carefully for optimal performance and to prevent any potential hazards.

    • Ensure that the oven is cold, turned off, and not in use before installing the Blaze Blocker.
    • Always allow the Blaze Blocker to cool fully before attempting to remove it from the oven.

    Important Note

    Please use with caution as we do not assume responsibility for cracked stone inherent issues – use at your own risk.

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