Rub & Grub can help you go from grill disaster to BBQ master

We are an Australian owned and operated business which hand blends and packages BBQ seasoning and dry rubs using the best quality herbs and spices. 




100mm GA Riser for Weber® Go-Anywhere™ BBQ
Cheers for the speedy service and the locally made quality product.

Andrew Jess

Over the 25 years cooking professionally i've tried ALOT of different spice rubs and can say with confidence that Rub & Grub gear is banging' with Sticky Sesame is right up there as a firm favourite! Slightly Asian in profile, its sweet exotic blend works wonders on chicken, pork and even salmon. If you're looking for something different to most rubs on the market- look no further! 

Kris 'Honey Badger' Sweres

Just when I thought my BBQ skills were improving, I discovered Rub & Grub BBQ rubs . A complete assortment of fantastic dry rubs that took my BBQ experience to the next level. Not only are they reasonably priced, but their service and attention to detail is unsurpassed. Thank you guys for the outstanding service and your wonderful rubs.

Abel Kotsonis, Clean Heat BBQ Charcoal

When it comes to an awesome flavour hit you can’t go past Rub & Grub products. A rich and well balanced flavour profile, that keeps the family and BBQ enthusiasts wanting more. Love the Sticky Sesame rub, a family favourite in this house.

Simon Schuey

Pork Power the all-rounder to use for low and slow BBQ, I always run out of time to make up my own rub and rely on this go to blend to deliver the goods.

Randolf Evans